Church Planting in Peckham

Connecting people to God, one another and the local community



At Bridge Church Peckham we want to do the following three things:

We want to help people connect with God.
He wants us to know him. He has gone to incredible lengths in sending his son, the Lord Jesus Christ to die in our place so that we might be forgiven. We’d love to help people come to know him for themselves.

We want people to connect with one another. Churches can become places where like meets like. But our prayerful ambition is to be a church full of people who are unlike us. We want people to look at us as a church family and ask themselves ‘what do they have in common?’ ‘What is it that unites them?’ And perhaps even ‘what have they got that I haven’t and society needs?’ We’d love to be a church with people of differing ethnicities, ages, stages and cultures.

We want to connect with our local community. According to the 2011 census, almost 50% of the five electoral wards in Peckham claim no allegiance to Jesus Christ. That’s almost 35,00 people. Many of those people may never have heard the gospel in language that they understand. And we want to do something about that. We’d love to connect with people for whom church isn’t even on their radar.




Wednesdays - 7.30-9pm


Sundays - 3.30 for 4pm start


We currently meet at
Nunhead Salvation Army Building, 217a Gordon Rd, London SE15 3RT
Note there are two entrances - we use the Nunhead Green Road entrance.


Bridge Church Peckham is part of the Co-Mission network and progressing membership of the FIEC.