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Another (New) Leader

Back in the summer, we were able to announce to the assembled gathering at our ‘Planting in Peckham’ prayer meeting that Adrian Yeboah had agreed to join us on the leadership team. That was terrific news. And it remains terrific news!

We’d been putting lots of important things on hold until we had someone like Adrian in place. We always wanted to have a culturally and ethnically diverse leadership team. Nigel and Richard really are quite different to one another. But they don’t look like it. If we’re honest, they’re both middle aged, middle class white men. If we’re ever going to ‘grow a church in Peckham of such diversity that it can only be explained by the gospel’, we knew that we simply had to find someone who was representative of a different culture to them. And we were prepared to wait until we found that individual. Wonderfully God has provided a man who was not only willing to work with them, he seems genuinely enthusiastic about doing so!

Adrian has been married to his wife, Abigail since January 2015. Together they are parents to a lively toddler, Mickey. Adrian is a currently at London Seminary, where he is studying theology and we will be supporting him as he completes his course over the next few years. Abigail combines being a Mum and wife with working full-time in business consultancy providing insight into the way management teams function.  

Born in London and descended from Ghanaian parents they are now living in Peckham. It’s wonderful to be working together to try to grow an intentionally multi ethnic, multi cultural and multi generational church in Peckham.

We’re hugely grateful for the assistance of those who’ve helped the Richard, Nigel and Adrian in their ongoing conversation and the many who’ve been praying behind the scenes. It’s also worth saying that together the three of us will be working on further strengthening the leadership team by diversifying the composition of that group. At present Nigel will fill the role of Senior Elder. Richard will be the Lead Planter. And Adrian will come on board as the Minister in Training whilst he completes his studies at London Seminary. But please continue to pray that the Lord provides us with the godly, able leaders that Peckham needs.  

This appointment has been the product of a considerable period of prayerful reflection by all concerned. That’s not because we were uncertain so much as we were all acutely aware that the relational fit and chemistry will matter hugely as we embark on a new thing together. I imagine the devil would love to see us distracted, disagreeing and disunited and so please pray that we’re humble, gentle, respectful, prayerful, careful to listen, clear in speech, of one mind and enjoy these early stages of trying to plant a church together.

Adrian Yeboah in action

Adrian Yeboah in action

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