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Christmas Carols

So, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Sorry about that. Lots has been happening. But it’s all been behind the scenes. We’ve got so much we want to tell you. And we will. But this is most important slash urgent right at the moment.

We’re providing a Christmas Carols event for the people of Peckham. Other carol service providers are available. But this is ours. And we’re a little bit excited. We’d love you and your friends to come. It’s on Sunday 16th December. We’re starting at 4 pm. And the best bit is that it’s in Peckham Springs.

Just so that you know what to expect, let me describe what I think we’re looking at. We’re thinking six carols, some Christmas readings, a ten-minute Christmessage (did you see what we did there?!), mulled wine and mince pies and loads of social interaction. Come if you can. And bring your friends.

Peckham Springs accessible from Blenheim Grove

Peckham Springs accessible from Blenheim Grove

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