Church Planting in Peckham

Connecting people to God, one another and the local community

We Have Lift Off!

To change the metaphor, we’re up and running. Praise God! And as low key' launches go, that was pretty good.

There were people. In fact, we had our biggest turn out yet. Let’s get the numbers bit out of the way because I know you’re all wondering. We were 32. Of that 32 two were babes in arms and four were. But kids count, right? They were a handful of guests and it could well be that some of them will return and join us. We didn’t invite ‘wellwishers’ because they can inflate your numbers for the launch and then the week afterwards the reality hits home and it can all be a little depressing! Not all our regulars could make it. So we could have been bigger. (Oh how I’ve missed those days of counting people and the arrival of a guest being disproportionately exciting!) But the bottom line is that there were enough of us for there to be a terrific buzz in the room and what looked like lots of helpful interaction and relationships being built and developed.

The singing was awesome. The acoustics in the room are terrific and we sang heartily even if some of the songs were unfamiliar. We may struggle to reproduce that volume of noise if we move back into the main church building, which sadly we may have to do because the Salvation Army is understandably concerned about us moving their furniture. But we’re going to endeavour to be a church that demonstrates and enjoys the fact that it’s got something worth singing about.

The word was preached. Adrian did a great job of opening up Mark’s Gospel for us. He didn’t have much to work with; one sentence of Mark’s gospel (Mark 1:1). But sometimes less is more. And what could be more important than remembering that whatever this church is and does, there is nothing more important than it all being about Jesus, the Messiah and the Son of God?  

And we had the inevitable technical failure. I’m reasonably laid back about these things. Of course I’d have preferred it not to happen because the Co-Mission video is terrific and it encapsulates why we’re doing what we’re doing at Peckham. I’d like to have shown it. To be honest, it would have been the only slick presentational piece in the entire meeting! But the Lord had other ideas. And the fact that it didn’t work reminds us that church doesn’t have to be slick to be valuable. We’ll have another crack at it this week.

There’s a long way to go before we can think we’re out of the vulnerable start-up stage. And we’ll probably never ever take our foot off the gas. But this is only the beginning. And we’ve begun. Praise the Lord. Next week will be normal. And hopefully not remotely depressing!


Bridge Church Peckham is part of the Co-Mission network and progressing membership of the FIEC.