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Laid Back Vision Lunch & Low Key Launch

Next Sunday we go live. Normal Sunday meetings. This past Sunday was our last as a launch team. We had a magnificent bring and share lunch together. And somehow there was enough to go round. I know, go figure! Remi Adidere came and spoke to us about his experience of being a part of the Co-Mission & Grace Church Brockley church plant, New Life Catford. And he then explained and explored the implications of Jesus’ Parable of the Mustard Seed for us. We also thought afresh about why we’re doing what we’re doing just in case we’d forgotten or become unconvinced in a moment of faithless risk-averseness over the Christmas period! And we prayed.

And so next week is our low key launch. Can you see how we’re ramping back the expectations? You may think that’s somewhat lacking in adventurous faith. And you may be right. But it’s hard to make a massive impact when you’re only 25 people! And ‘launch’ conjures up images of a huge boat sliding down the slipway into the harbour after the Queen has smashed a champagne bottle on the bows of the new ship. It implies making a big splash. And we feel more like a paper boat being dropped into the Atlantic. We’re not sure the ocean of people in Peckham will notice. Not yet at least. But in time we hope. Like the mustard seed, we’d love to grow.

If I’m honest, I’m not sure that there’ll be a massive difference between the launch Sunday and launch team meetings. Those launch team meetings have involved careful sequential exposition of passages in Ephesians, occasional singing and congregational praying. That’ll sound a lot like church to those of you with a biblical ecclesiology! But this Sunday we throw the doors open to the people of Peckham. And they’ll be very welcome. After all, one of the reasons that we’re doing this is for them. As Adrian said in the recent Co-Mission video, ‘there are other faithful evangelical churches who’ve been around in Peckham a lot longer than us. But they’re not going to be able to reach every one who lives here’. Depending on where you call it quits, there are over 70,000 people in the five local electoral wards. We’re not going to be able to reach them all either. Peckham needs more church plants! But we’re focussed on our low key launch Sunday for the time being. And that seems like more than enough to be getting on with. But in God’s kindness, we have all we need in place. We have a place to meet (our temporary home in the Salvation Army building on Gordon Road, SE15). We have musicians. We have a preacher and a passage (Adrian Yeboah on Mark 1:1). We have people. We have a great God. And we have reasons to praise him.

And so, tell your friends. We’re open for business. In a manner of speaking. We’re going to be working our way through the Gospel of Mark until we finish it at some point in the summer. And so it’s ideal for anyone who wants to explore the Christian faith through one of the earliest historical accounts of his life, death and resurrection. We’ll let you know how Sunday goes at some point next week. I need to go on work on a new infographic idea I’ve been having.


Bridge Church Peckham is part of the Co-Mission network and progressing membership of the FIEC.