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It's not 'The Silver Bullet' but ...

We moved to a new venue on Sunday. And we’re pretty excited. We’re now meeting in St Mary’s Primary School in Peckham.

We know a building is not the silver bullet of church growth. You need to do a whole load of other things other than find a killer venue to get people to come to church. And ultimately, as 1 Corinthians 3 reminds us, God is the one who gives the growth. But it’s a start! A bad venue can sink you. A good venue can help you gain some traction.

We’ve been well served in our previous venues but this move gives us three extra things:

  1. It gives us credibility as a church who want to be in Peckham for the people of Peckham. Nunhead isn’t Peckham. And that’s where we’ve been. I suppose you could argue that Nunhead is a suburb of Peckham. But I’m not sure you’d get away with that with the people who live there! We’re keen to be in Peckham. It’s where we think God has called us to be. And this means we can move closer in. We’re a stone’s throw from the station now. Admittedly it’d need to be a small stone and a big arm. But we’re just around the corner from the Bussey Building.

  2. It gives us visibility among the local community. We’ll be able to stick up banners, flags and so on so that anyone driving, walking or cycling passed on a Sunday will know who’s there and why we’re there. Yesterday all we had to say who we were was a lone flag and a ropey little sandwich board on which we’d scribbled a few details. But people paid attention to it, they stopped, some to chat to find out a little more about us. That was really encouraging.

  3. It gives us flexibility for our meetings. There’s terrific outside space so the kids can let off steam. There’s a room for creche so that parents and babies can escape when they need to. There’s a lovely hall with all the audio visual stuff that we need. We can serve refreshments and people can mill around chatting before and after the ‘formal’ meeting. There’s a library space with some sofas so that people can sit, catch up and pray together.

It’s an exciting new stage for us. We’re very grateful to God and to the wonderful people at St Mary’s who’ve made it happen. If you’d like to come and visit, join us. We have refreshments from 10 till 10.30 am and then chruch ‘proper’ starts at 10.30 am.

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Bridge Church Peckham is part of the Co-Mission network and progressing membership of the FIEC.