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What's in a Name?

Last Sunday saw the launch of Bridge Church Peckham. Those of us who’ve been a part of the prayerful consideration of whether we should go ahead and do this, have also been part of a long and sometimes seemingly interminable discussion about what to call this new church! We settled on Bridge Church Peckham. Eventually. Perhaps out of conviction. Mainly out of necessity.

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We Have Lift Off!

To change the metaphor, we’re up and running. Praise God! And as low key' launches go, that was pretty good.

There were people. In fact, we had our biggest turn out yet. Let’s get the numbers bit out of the way because I know you’re all wondering. We were 32. Of that 32 two were babes in arms and four were. But kids count, right? They were a handful of guests and it could well be that some of them will return and join us. We didn’t invite ‘wellwishers’ because they can inflate your numbers for the launch and then the week afterwards the reality hits home and it can all be a little depressing! Not all our regulars could make it. So we could have been bigger. (Oh how I’ve missed those days of counting people and the arrival of a guest being disproportionately exciting!) But the bottom line is that there were enough of us for there to be a terrific buzz in the room and what looked like lots of helpful interaction and relationships being built and developed.

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Christmas Carol Event

We've got our first ever 'public-facing’ event this Sunday. I’ve done this kind of thing lots of times before. But it doesn’t get any easier. I’m a familiar mixture of unbridled excitement and paralysing anxiety. Either way, it’s not great for the stress levels and I’m not the easiest man to be around right now. I’m excited because if it all comes off, it’ll be brilliant and we’ll go into Christmas on a real high. But I’m anxious because it could all go pear-shaped. But I’m choosing not to focus on that. It could. But there's very little I can do about it!

I couldn’t think of a better event for Bridge Church Peckham to go public with, than a carol service. And it’s not simply because we love Christmas. We do. After all, what’s not to love about mince pies, mulled wine and historic folk music about Good King Wenceslas. But one of the key drivers for wanting to start a new church in Peckham is to join with other local churches who are trying to reach the people of Peckham with the good news about Jesus Christ. And this seems to be a good time of year to do that. People seem genuinely willing to engage with spiritual things around Christmas. It’s as though society temporarily lets its guard down and puts its occasionally suspicious demeanour to one side! We’re allowed to talk openly and even enthusiastically about Jesus Christ; who he was, why he came and what difference he makes. And that’s exactly what we’re about. That’s our greatest passion. We want people who may never have had a meaningful opportunity to engage with the Bible’s take on the biggest issues of life, to have that chance. And if we and our carol service this Sunday afternoon can contribute to that, we’ll be thrilled. We’ll be in Peckham Springs for a 4 pm start and we’d love for you and your friends to join us.

Richard Perkins

Lead Planter

The space we’re going to transform and fill with Christmas cheer!

The space we’re going to transform and fill with Christmas cheer!

Bridge Church Peckham is part of the Co-Mission network and progressing membership of the FIEC.